7 Fashion Statements That Became Trending This 2016

Fashion moves dynamically. It keeps on improving the past fashion trends. And aside from improving, new styles are also developed generation to generation.

People love to mix ‘n match clothes and accessories that they tend to use each day of their lives. That is what fashion is. Aside from the mixing and matching, fashion also reflects the current nature of the world. The way you dress may be influenced by your environment, your nature of work, or the people around you.

As you say goodbye to 2016, you may or may not also say goodbye to your favorite look. Below is a brief review of the fashion trends this year.

  1. Chokers

Making its way back from the 90’s chokers became a very big hit this year. A silver chain, satin necklace, or other kinds of chain, anything, could match your daily get up.

  1. Off-Shoulder Tops and Dresses

If you feel bold and you want to show some skin, this simple, classy yet sexy clothing will help you achieve your look. It is easy to pair up with. It could match up with your super skinny jeans (if it’s an off-shoulder top), or with your short shorts, and even skirts.

  1. Roshe Runs (Roshe Shoes)

Bidding goodbye to your doll shoes and saying hello to sneakers isn’t hard with roshe shoes lightweight shoes that are good for runners but also a good addition to your fashion statement. Its variation of different fashionable colors paved its way to the market for the past year.

  1. Lace-up Heels

As frequently worn by hottest celebrities of today, lace up heels are definitely a hot trend this year. You can pair it with you casual look, your formal look, party look, and even in your everyday office look. Just a little hassle to wear if you’re running out of time in the morning, but it is better to arrive late than to arrive ugly right?

  1. Dad caps

Also called as the famous baseball cap, has now become the latest fashion trend. With manufacturers producing caps that includes statements and slogans as their designs. Not only middle-aged man wears this cap these days. Teenagers, man, woman, and even kids are fussing about these caps.

  1. Micro-pleats

This swishy and lightweight micro-pleated material is often seen in the form of dresses, pajama pants, and skirts. This fabric shows every crease it has, and you must be careful of wearing these. But still, that won’t stop you from wearing these.

  1. Plaid Around the Waist

Commonly done by wrapping your shirt around your waist, this fashion statement can go with absolutely anything. That includes your jeans, your shorts, your sneakers, your heels, etc. You can choose the colors to blend in your overall outfit, or you could go bold and have a color that would extremely stand out!

Fashion statements are usually a revival of the past trends. It is not necessary for you to purchase new clothes and go with fashion when you can recycle your old ones. Improve it, style it, then use it. A lot of DIY’s are now on the net that will surely help you. Remember that fashion isn’t buying new things; it is about expressing yourself socially and creating a brand for yourself. Whether you’re in trend or not, it is important that you are comfortable and confident with what you are wearing.

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