Top Styles of Jeans for Moms Having Different Body Types

Jeans don’t easily fit anyone. It depends on the body type of the one wearing it. With different body types, the kind of jeans also differs. Here are jeans that fit moms best.

There is absolutely no one in this world that doesn’t have a pair of jeans. Even a 3-year old kid owns at least one. A pair of jeans is a classic fashion trend. People keep on improving jeans’ style that’s why it never gets outdated.

Some moms are having a problem of what kind of jeans are suited for them. Ones that are not too sexy for them instead those pair of jeans that will make them look as young as possible, and as classy as they can be, even if they’re already mothers. Listed below are five different types of jeans for moms with different body types or shapes:

  1. Flare Jeans

This pair of pants is quite similar to wide-leg jeans. This is best for those who have an athletic type of body. So if you have quite muscles in your thighs and calves, this is the perfect pair of jeans for you. When you wear flares, always bear in mind to wear it in any kind of heels to make you look more slender and tall. It could also match with flats but make sure that the hem of your flared jeans won’t touch the ground that may cause you to trip. Lastly, make sure that it fits in your knee, and flares all the way down to your heels.

  1. Bootcut Jeans

This suits best for moms with curvy bodies. The bootcut jeans have its own 3 kinds: low-waist, mid-rise, and high rise. The low-rise is best for svelte and slim bodies. It sits below the hips. So if you have any hip fat, go for mid-rise bootcut jeans. A mid-rise bootcut jean is good in preventing muffin tops or hip-fats formed when wearing jeans. The high rise kind is more of a high-waist style of jeans and is trendy nowadays.

  1. Skinny Jeans

If you’re more of the “boy body shape”, then skinny jeans are just right for you! This adds femininity and definition to your narrow calves and hips. It also helps you look tall because of its leg-hugging style and length that stands just above your ankle. This is the most common pair of jeans, and definitely, a must have.

  1. Boyfriend Jeans

This is definitely a pair of jeans that would most likely fit any body types. These jeans never lost its trend in the market. They look a bit bigger, baggier, and sometimes have that pre-loved look. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pair this up with your feminine flats, and floral tops. Even your heels are not an exemption.

  1. Legging Jeans

Half jeans and half leggings, these will help your slender thighs look good, and at the same time minimizing the midsection area of your body. It results in a super slim fit and hugs every wearer’s contour. This helps highlight your slim legs. This is definitely the best for tall and svelte body types.

Final Thoughts

Slim or chubby, tall or petite, whatever body type and shape you have, the real deal is how confident and how comfortable you are with what you’re wearing. Just bear in mind to dress the way you want, and not look based on what others want for you.

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