Tips On How You Can Survive The Flu Season

The month of February marks the peak of Flu season, which is a real tragedy since no one wants to catch a cold any time during the love month. Individuals catch a cold two to three times every year on average according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and most of these cases usually fall within the Flu season. Learn about how to get through the flu season without a single sneeze in this brief article.

Proper hand washing
The flu is usually transmitted through hand contact. Aside from being in physical contact with other flu victims, the other major cause of spreading such diseases are commonly shared surfaces, such as phones, keyboards, and door handles. In line with this, it is also important to note that an able-bodied adult is in contact with as much as 30 objects in just one minute. Transmission of such diseases happens when sick people use their hands to stifle their sneezes and then touch shared surfaces.

To combat the risk of getting or spreading the flu, it is important to practice proper hand washing. It is also known by the CDC as the most important step to prevent disease transmission. According to military studies, incidence of disease significantly dropped by more than half when cadets were obliged to wash hands five times in a day after basic training. That’s more than enough reason to validate how important practicing proper hand washing is in our lives.

The key to proper hand washing lies in these techniques:
1. Wash with warm water.
2. Apply hand soap.
3. Scrub thoroughly for about 20 seconds, or while singing the Happy Birthday song twice.
4. Rinse with running water.
5. Dry with automatic dryer or tissue.

Cleaning your area regularly
Since shared spaces are one of the major causes of flu transmission, it is a good idea to clean your work or living spaces on a regular basis. This will eliminate any build up of disease-spreading bacteria, making your area safer and more conducive for working. Health care facilities especially requires this.

Carrying compact hand sanitizers or rubbing alcohol
Carrying a compact hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol anywhere you go during the Flu season is like going into a battle carrying a protective shield. Since more individuals fall victim to the dreaded disease, the likelihood of getting them is at an all-time high. You can get the virus just by pushing the door to a convenience store or receiving change from a store purchase. Combat bacteria transmission by simply applying a small amount of that handy alcohol-based sanitizer into your hands and rubbing it in thoroughly.

Sleeping regularly
People who sleep for less than seven hours have been found to be almost three times more prone to getting the flu compared to those who sleep for at least eight hours. Sleep is a very important part of our lives. Without getting enough sleep, our bodies shut down due to lack of energy and resistance to combat diseases.

If you still find yourself catching the flu, attend to yourself and focus on getting better, even it means taking a few days off work. Staying home when you have the flu will also reduce the risk of you contaminating your workplace and spreading the disease to your co-workers.

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