5 Complications Of Child Birth

Complications can happen before, during or after birth. Anything may happen during the last stage of expectancy even if you know that you and your baby are healthy throughout the course of pregnancy.

Although complications can be prevented, they can still happen when you least expect them to. That’s why it only makes sense to know the various complications arising at birth and what to do once you encounter any of these complications.

  1. Amniotic Band Syndrome

This complication is also known as amniotic band constriction manifested by congenital deformity that results when the fetus is entwined in a fibrous tissue strands from the amniotic sac’s innermost layer. This condition rarely happens and the level of danger depends on the severity of the situation. There are cases in which the strands of tissue wrap the baby’s limb and block the blood flow that may result to swelling. If the strands are attached to the face of the baby, it may result to facial disfigurement like cleft palate or cleft lip.

  1. Birth Defects

Congenital disorders come in various types. Some are serious and may result to lifelong difficulties, while others are curable or manageable. Some birth defects are hereditary. Unfortunately, there are cases of birth defects that resulted from the irresponsible behavior of the mother. This means that there are external factors that cause birth defects including alcohol or drug abuse of the mother and maternal injury. Examples of birth defects are blindness, deafness, amelia (missing limbs), Down’s Syndrome, Spinal Bifida and Congenital Hydrocephalus.

  1. Umbilical Cord Abnormalities

The umbilical cord is the lifeline of the baby. It also serves as the main connection between the baby and the mother. The umbilical cord provides nourishment and oxygen to the child. That’s why in case of umbilical cord abnormalities, immediate medical intervention is highly needed.

One of the most common abnormalities in birth is the umbilical cord prolapse. It usually happens when the baby is in a sideway position or breech. This is dangerous because the supply of oxygen and blood is blocked.

  1. Uterine Rupture

This complication at birth rarely occurs, but it is considered as fatal to both the baby and mother if not given immediate treatment. Practice hospital birth so that immediate medical intervention can be administered as needed.

  1. Erb’s Palsy

This is the result of an injury at birth during normal delivery. The complication happens when the shoulders and head of the baby is pulled incorrectly. Erb’s Palsy happens when the lower arm rotate and the upper arm becomes weak. This is manifested only on the half part of the body. The affected nerves may not function well and worse lead to paralysis. The complication can be permanent, partial or worse the affected nerve may loss its function.

Medical research reveals that birth complications can be prevented as long as the mother follows proper nutrition during the entire course of pregnancy. It’s because the nutrients from the food run in bloodstream of the mother and the baby gets the nutrients from the bloodstream. Therefore, an expectant mother must ensure that she takes all the nutrients necessary for the child’s development.

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