Challenges Ahead for Bolingbrook and Other Suburbs with Large Immigrant Populations

In recent news around the nation, there is growing concern over what will happen to literally millions of foreign-born residents who have been assimilated into our American culture. With a huge amount of debate going on in Washington and elsewhere around the nation as to the fate of those who may have overstayed their visas, it is no wonder that Chicagoans fear for those who have made the Windy City and its many suburbs their home.

Bolingbrook, for one, has at least 20% of the population listed as ‘foreign born immigrants’ which doesn’t tell the whole story, yet imagine the pandemonium that would ensue if suddenly an ICE sweep were to go through this one, otherwise, regular US suburb. To many, foreign nationals and US citizens alike, it’s a frightening prospect. Even so, here is some of what we know.

Is Language a Dead Giveaway?

Consider a world where federal immigration authorities profiled a community based on the language they are speaking. Now, think in terms of a community like Bolingbrook that is comprised of greater than 1/5 the population being foreign nationals, some of whom are just now preparing to become citizens. Some are probably here over their visas and others have green cards and student visas perhaps set to expire. If language is a dead giveaway, what of those children born here who speak English as a first language?

And what of the schools seeking to serve these children, some of whom speak English as a second language, not being born in the US? The cost of learning a language is getting more expensive by the day for private and public schools alike, so many parents are hiring translators for their children at the same time that they are hiring translators for their businesses. Keep in mind that a high number of these immigrants moving to the suburbs are business professionals who run lucrative companies that contribute to the overall economic health of Chicagoland.

Nationwide Too Many to Count

At the moment, it appears as though the new administration will have a long, hard road to haul because the number of foreign nationals in this country far outnumbers the resources the government has. Those who are law-abiding residents going to work each day, paying their taxes and doing what every self-respecting resident should do probably shouldn’t fear.

Borders Are the First Line of Defense

It appears as though the major thrust will be to keep illegal aliens from entering. The proposed Mexican wall is indicative of this effort. That probably being the case, it could be that there is time for any foreign nationals to hire the services of an immigration attorney to represent them in their quest to remain here legally. There is time yet because nothing is finalized and there are a number of civic groups actively pursuing the issue for the plight of those immigrants who simply want a better life in a stable country. The only immigrants, at this time, who should worry would be those who are out to violate local, state and federal laws.

Even then, Americans would be subject to scrutiny when breaking a law. The bottom line? Go about your daily business and continue on as if there will be no major disruptions. An immigration attorney can best advise those residents in fear of being deported, but at the moment, it looks as though the borders are going to be this administration’s chief concern. Why? Because ICE only stretches so far.

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