The Benefits of LED lighting

Today, when you start looking for new lights you will be faced with two or three options, Fluorescent, incandescent and LED light bulbs, now depending on which one of the three options you choose you can end up with a very different light color, the life of the bulb and even costing of the bulb.

Most people choose to make use of incandescent bulbs for home use and fluorescent tubing for offices or school classes, infact very few people choose to make use of LED lighting, mainly because of the price often surrounding the purchase of LED light bulbs or strips.

What is a LED light?

LED is an acronym for the phrase Light Emitting Diodes, a LED is completely different from a normal bulb, it is almost minute in size and uses far less energy and electricity to run and depending on the type of LED you buy you can end up having a brighter light than most other lights.

Take a look at most high powered flashlights, for example, most of them if not all of them are making use of one if not more LED units and these flashlights are providing a light that is in some cases over 2000 lumens. Which is just crazy?

Why use LED lighting instead of traditional lighting?

To make explain these points easier I will break up all the pros of making use of LED lighting into the Efficiency, Longevity (lifespan), Durability, safety and features of the Diodes.

  • Efficiency

Once you choose to make use of LED lighting the first thing you will notice is how effective and efficient that these lights actually are, I mean when people told me that they use 90% less power than any other light on the market.

The fact that LE’s use such little power means that they are often used in areas that make use of solar power.

  • Longevity or Lifespan

Now because of the almost non-existence usage of power and the brightness that these lights shine at one would think that the lifespan of LED lights would be short.

Well, that would be incorrect as the average lifespan of a LED light is 60 000 hours which in is nearly 60 times more than the 1500 hours of an incandescent light bulb. This means that a LED that is permanently on will last roughly 7 years, which quite frankly justifies the price difference between the bulbs.

  • Durability

As I mentioned earlier, LED light are extremely durable, because they make use of semiconductor materials instead of filaments or neon gasses to provide light, which makes them the optimal choice for top end flashlights.

  • Safety and features

The most important thing about LED’s is that they generate no heat, therefore, they are not only cool to touch but pose no fire threat at all.

Now, I can provide you will every fact and every reason in the world for you to buy LED lights, but do I really have to when companies specialize in LED lighting?

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