Easy and Simple Self-Defense Techniques Every Woman Should Learn

For women, learning self-defense is a must.

A number of men think that women are weak beings. That is the common misconception that makes a lot of male criminals to take advantage of women. According to an article written by RooGirl.com, for every two minutes, there is a female in America that gets raped and one out of four women becomes a victim of violence and crime.

A lot of women might think that the same would not happen to them, but this feeling of invulnerability should not become a habit. Violence is a grim reality. Now, ask yourself, would you be able to defend yourself against an attack?

The more knowledgeable we are and better prepared for any untoward incident, the more we distance ourselves to becoming preys. Women empowerment begins by educating all women about their strengths, their rights and what they are capable of doing. Regardless of your size and strength knowing the basic self-defense techniques matter a lot. If the situation becomes violent, you need to know how to defend yourself and fight back successfully.



Here are a few tips to help save yourself in times of danger.

The Best Form of Self-Defense is Prevention :

Being aware of your surroundings will surely help you avoid any threatening situation. Whether you are a male or a female, if an attacker or a criminal saw that you are alone in a dark side of the road, it will give him a chance to continue his assault. Never walk alone especially in dark places. When you are traveling by car, avoid passing in dark areas.

You can also opt to vary your route especially if you suspect someone following you. You can also confront someone to make him realize that you are not a weak target. If the situation really gets worse, hand over your money and possessions and get away as quickly as possible. Your life is more important than your money and belongings, remember that. There are legal resources for Florida residents that you can come to report any attack or assault experienced.

Noise and Strength Will Help You Big Time :

The moment the attacker laid his hands on you, be ready to get loud and scream and try to push him back forcefully. Your scream can attract other people’s attention, and they might respond to the scene immediately to check on you. Pushing the attacker will give you time to run off and let him know that you are not an easy target.

Know the Body Parts to Hit

In times like this, be prepared to hurt or be hurt. The body parts that are very sensitive are the eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knees, and legs. Strike with full pressure and it will weaken your attacker giving you time to escape.  Remember to avoid being close enough to the attacker to give you more space to execute your attack. You can strike his nose with your hands, kick his knee, poke, gouge and scratch his eyes, hit the side of his neck where the carotid artery and jugular vein are located, and use your hand to give blows such as in a knife hand position, a palm strike, a knuckle blow or a curled fist.


Self-defense is not purely about striking, punching, kicking, and giving blows. You have to strategically put your weight and force on someone and attack their most sensitive body parts. You need not critically injure your attacker, though. All you need to do is cause enough damage for you to flee.

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