This is How You Get Married in Texas the Smart Way

Marriage is supposed to be a lifetime commitment. To avoid any inconvenience in the future, it’s best that you both parties come to a mutual agreement about each of their security.

Your partner has finally popped the question, and you’re excited. However, butterflies in the stomach aside, there may be feelings of anxiety in going to the next level of your relationship: marriage. What’s one supposed to do? And how is one going to be a bride-chilla in this world of bridezillas?

Getting hitched differs in every country—if you live in the United States, it differs in every state! Although laws in the northern states are a bit more liberated, certain regulations may differ in the South.

Why get married in Texas?

Arguably the south’s most iconic state, Texas is famous for its locals’ rich accents and is associated with cowboys and rodeos. Even though other states may have different policies in getting married, if they are politically conservative like Texas, they may have a lot of similarities.

Before deciding, make sure that you and your partner agree to have a pre- and post- marital agreement. It may sound intimidating, as marital agreements to some look like distrust. However, take a step back from the rose-tinted lens you’re viewing life as of the moment. In a country where the divorce rates in the United States could either be as high as 50% or as low as 15%, depending which marrying generation you belong.

With the future being as unpredictable as it is, it’s a definite need to agree on something. This is so that if the marriage doesn’t work out, you’ll have less heart– and financial—break. If you guys don’t seem to agree on getting them, then it’s safe to consider it a warning sign for your future marriage.

So how does one get marital agreements in Texas?

  1. Find a good lawyer.

First, you’ve each got to find yourself good lawyers that can help you draw the fine line between you and your soon-to-be spouse’s freedom. These lawyers will help you determine which assets and credits are solely yours and those you share with your future spouse. Marital agreements in Texas also help ease questions of properties, spousal support, and even child custody.

Sounds scary, right? The great thing about these documents is that it helps you reevaluate if you truly are ready for entering marriage. If you decide to tread on, the rest is the easy part.

  1. Apply for marriage license.

You must apply in your county’s marriage license bureaus to be given an application form. You can get married even at the tender age of sixteen in Texas—just provide valid proof of your age and identity.

  1. Get married.

After acquiring your marriage license, you can now do the more fun part: getting married! You must get married within ninety days of acquiring your marriage license. Failure to do so may make any marriage past the time limit void.

Marriage is a beautiful journey. It may be difficult to ride the waves, but if you are with the right person, then it will become easy and worth it. So, before you say “I do,” take a step back and get your rational mind to talk. If you’ve found someone who’s not afraid of making agreements to insure your future, then you’ve most probably found the one.

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