Internal Communication Tools and Other Technological Innovations Help Revolutionize Education

Technology has brought a revolutionary change in every aspect of our lives. It is quite impossible that the magic of technology should leave the all important fields like that of education untouched and unaffected.

Records say that more and more classrooms, institutions and organisations are starting to use various technical devices and Internal Communication Tools to add efficiency and ease in the teaching-learning process. According to Education Arcade, digital gaming, social networking, and simulations give teachers the ability to convey concepts in new ways. But technology’s use does not stop there. Here are other ways it gives a positive impact on teaching and learning.

  1. Over expansive boundaries of classrooms

Today education is no longer limited within the classroom. It has expanded to a wider space.  Students make use of mobile platforms to readily access the required information. They do not need to spend hours sitting on their study table with books making notes. They can talk, discuss, ask, and get explanations on their tablets and iPads. Preparation for presentations and projects can be done anywhere whether in a classroom or outside. Students can read and prepare for tests even on bus stops and while travelling.

  1. eBooks

In modern classrooms, eBooks are taking the place of paper books and they offer a lot of benefits.

First of all, eBooks save time.  They are easily available on mobile devices and the reader does not need to wander about in search of the desired material for study. Secondly, they tend to be cheaper, and they are much more environmentally friendly. The price of study material as eBooks can be up to 50% to 60% less than the hard copies. Thirdly, the font can be adjusted to suit the reader and make reading effortless.

There is also the facility of TTS, Text To Speech, which helps with the learning of foreign languages. Some features of TTS also benefits students with weak eyesight or with a hearing impairment. Then there is the matter of space. A lot of information, documents, pictures, files, quizzes and testimonials can be stored on a tablet.

  1. Collaborative Classrooms

The learning process becomes easy with collaboration. And technology supports this. We can say that collaboration is becoming one of the most essential skills in the modern day classrooms.

In earlier times, the students could only learn from teachers in their school. Today, the same students have a tool to communicate with teachers from all over the world.

Innovative communication tools like Skype, Messenger, etc. do not only benefit students but also the teachers and the instructors. They can easily send instructions to their students without having to meet them personally. School updates can be given with more ease.


The expansive use of technology has sometimes been criticized for its misuse. Unnecessary browsing that can affects the progress of learning somewhat negatively. However, so far as results go, its advantages still outweigh its disadvantages. There’s no doubt that with technological innovations, the learning process has become superior.

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