How to Leverage Your Cable Broadband Connectivity

If you are using Wi-fi connectivity for your internet, you probably have experienced times when your internet is wonky, especially when many people are hooked to the network. With this, you may experience having slower connection since the internet bandwidth does not go directly to your device. When this happens, you may want to consider making use of a cable to leverage your cable broadband connectivity.

The Ethernet Cable

The cable that you can use to hook to your router would be an ethernet cable. This is definitely better than connecting to the wi-fi network because the cable allows the signals to be concentrated into the cable and go directly to your device unlike wi-fi internet which relies on signals traveling to the air and to your device.

Do take note though that the ethernet cable does not make your internet faster as only your internet provider is the only one that can do that. What the ethernet cable does is that it takes in more bandwidth from the router and into your device so that you, in a sense, hog the bandwidth.

Types of Ethernet Cables

There are basically two types of ethernet cables that you may want to check out. There are the stranded and the solid types. Each of the types have their own respective advantages and disadvantages and it is ultimately up to you to choose which one best serves your purposes.

The stranded types are the more durable ones as they are not prone to cracks and breaking. These types are the ideal types for those who travel around most of the time and would bring a portable router with them. You may even fold these types without having to worry about them breaking or tearing apart.

The other one, which is the solid type, is the less durable one but is the one that has a higher performance. Solid ethernet cables do not get too affected by interference. In fact, solid cables are the ones that are used by the offices of most businesses or organizations because of its efficiency.

Can You Customize the Ethernet Cables?

Yes, it is possible to customize your own ethernet cables by using other cables to connect it. All you need are a pair of scissors, wire cutters, pliers, and connectors. There are many cables that you can add to your ethernet cable to make it stronger and more effective. You may even use a TUV-approved solar cable on your ethernet cable and connect it to a solar source in order to use renewable energy.


As compared to wi-fi connection, using a cable is always the next best option when you want to get better connectivity from your internet connection. Do remember that even if you have fast wi-fi, airborne signal can always be interrupted by “noise” and other blockages. For this reason, you might want to consider using a cable to connect to your internet so that you have a smooth flow of bandwidth from your router– especially if you are a heavy user.

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