Software Businesses Need To Hold a Conference and Build Lots of Credibility

A lot of brands with a big following are looking for ways to take the next step. The most popular one we’ve seen recently is conferences, because they’re popping up all over the country at the moment. Even companies you would consider small are capitalizing on the current craze.

In the past this would have been next to impossible, but they didn’t have access to the cheap software we have today. When combined together they can practically run conferences on auto-pilot. If you’re thinking of going down that route we’ll look at software you’ll be interested in.

Online Registration Software

Once you’ve decided on the details you’ll need to start letting people sign up.
Not only will the software allow people to sign up, but it offers different pricing tiers and flexible payment options. You can also fully customize the attendance list and keep in contact with everyone leading up to the event.

Effective Presentation Software

If you want the speakers to deliver great talks they’ll need more than their notes. They will obviously require the aid of effective presentation software, which is usually dominated by PowerPoint.

Holding Virtual Team Meetings

A business conference might be a physical event, but it doesn’t mean lots of planning won’t go into it. Those organizing the event won’t necessarily live where it’s taking place, so they’ll need a way to communicate.

GoToMeeting has been the leading software solution in this area for years. The HD-quality video and screen sharing features make it perfect for holding meetings, plus it’s flexible because it works on mobile devices.

Recording Your Conference

Although conferences are great for branding purposes they might not make lots of money. It can take years until you’ve developed the ability to turn your conferences into big money makers in some cases.

Everything changes when you have wonderful software capable of recording the conference. You’re a business and will be interested in selling copies. It’s even possible to livestream the event for those who can’t attend in person.

Bluetooth Beacon Technology

A lot of these new and improved conferences don’t have one stage with speakers coming and going. There are usually multiple things going on at once, including workshops in different areas of the building.

Beacons will be able to communicate with smartphones to help everyone know where they’re going, so it will be impossible for anyone to get lost. You’ll also be able to push out notifications letting attendees know when something is about to start.

It Offers You So Much Credibility

If you do hold your own conference it will offer you a lot of credibility within your industry. You just need to have the confidence to take the first step. With the quality software taking care of everything businesses don’t have an excuse not to at least try.

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