Why So Many Companies Fail Because They Ignore Basic Human Needs

Have you ever stopped to think about why most small businesses fail? Terrible founders and crazy ideas do come into the equation, but there should be a much higher success rate. Most people don’t have the first clue about what their customers really want.

It seems like these days it’s possible to throw software at any problem. Although it can improve things it’s not going to cure it. Let’s take a deep dive into how technology should be used to enhance the way we’ve always lived our lives.

Becoming More Minimalistic

Everyone used to run around with various devices because each one had different data on them. To lighten the load on people today they’ve managed to sync devices together to make their lives easier.

Whispersync is an Amazon technology that gets this right better than most. Not only can you switch between books and audio, but it will also let you start from where you left off without thinking about it.

Feeling Completely Secure

Everything has moved online and it would have been scary for some people. Physical possessions turned into a bunch of ones and zeros. Online storage companies helped everyone feel secure moving everything online.

It wasn’t just a relief for those with important documents they needed to keep safe. Helping mothers save photos of their children in a place where they wouldn’t disappear was equally as beneficial.

More Confidence in Processes

In the past you might book up for a class at your local gym by giving them your name over the phone. Although it was a quick and easy process it’s not unfair to think someone would mess something up.

When you book with registered online registration software you can guarantee human error is taken out of the equation. The software gives people extra peace of mind compared to how they used to do things.

The Ability to Let Go

How many passwords does the average person need these days? It could easily run into the hundreds and each one needs to be strong. Without password management software we wouldn’t have a clue what to do.

Now it’s possible to come up with hundreds of very strong passwords and you only need to remember the master one. Once you can let go of the stress looking after so many passwords entails it improves your life.

Bringing Everyone Together

If you’re old enough you’ll remember a time when you felt alone at work. We’re social creatures, yet if you needed help you would have to send off emails or run around handing your colleagues bits of paper.

A simple communication tool has made it easier than ever for everyone to help each other out. It also makes you feel like you’re never alone because you are always part of the conversation.

They Focus On Basic Human Needs

Nothing we’ve talked about today is revolutionary as far as technology is concerned. People have simply taken things we disliked in the past and found an easy solution to eliminate them. If you really want to find success do the same and you’ll be more likely to succeed.

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