Top Travel Countries in North Africa

Planning a getaway to North Africa surely is a promising and rewarding bustle. However, a country full of exciting adventures and great sceneries might entaila complex itinerary.

Two North African countries had been listed as one of the most-visited countries in Africa. Egypt had experienced a massive growth in 2014 with around 454,000 international arrivals than in the previous years. Morocco had been recorded with an increase of 236,000 visitors compared to 2013. With North Africa’s rich variety of attractions, Tourism gave the country a strong economic boost.


Egypt is a country not only of great age but also of greatmagnificencein terms of landscapes, oases, deserts, and beaches. These and more make your trip worth the long planning time. Any one of the wide variety of Egyptian tour operators offer a wide variety of hotel bookings, all-inclusive vacation packages, and much more. Plan your vacation ahead with holiday offers and promos. From an ancient civilization to modern-day tourist attraction, Egypt offers amazing places to visit, including:

Pyramids of Giza

More than 70 pyramids have existed, one of which is the widely known “Pyramids of Giza”. These ancient structures belong to the 7 Wonders of the World. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest, and it dates to 4500 years ago. These also serve as burial places of great kings and pharaohs thousands of years ago.

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor was once the richest city in Egypt. The modern city, having its own magnificenttemple and sanctuaries, is now an excellent museum for traveling history buffs. Across the Nile from the city of Luxor also reside the royal burial grounds called The Valley of the Kings.


Morocco had been one of North Africa’s most politically stable countries,resulting in the healthy development of tourism in the country. Morocco attracted more than 10.3 million international tourists in 2016. Great places to visit include:

·  Marrakesh, Morocco

One of Morocco’s 4 imperial cities Marrakesh is nestled at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Visitors flock at Marrakesh to unravel ancient treasures in the souks of medina or indulge in Moroccan cuisine in central Djemma El-Fna.

· Fes, Morocco

Fes had been the capital of Morocco for over 400 years. Fes is one of Morocco’s cultural and religious centers of the country. However, this city may offer a more authentic experience due to its ancient buildings and royal palaces.


Tunisia had been a top destination since the 1960s. Tunisia is well-known for its sunny weather, golden beaches, and affordable deals. Tunisia is also known for The Sahara Desert, crossing every country in North Africa.

· Sahara Desert, Tunisia

The section of this desert that runs through Tunisia is especially full of interesting and accessible sceneries. There are troglodyte dwellings in the Matmata area, which was featured in the Star Wars films. Beautiful dunes, salt lakes, and unique tented hotels make the Tunisian Sahara an exciting destination.

African and Middle Eastern vacations may not always be on the average traveler’s list. But those who grab the opportunity have the chance to experience a great blend of ancient and modern and to learn about Arabian history and culture.

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