3 Tips on how to nail the interview and get your dream job!

When approaching any new prospective job, there is a mindset you need to tune into, and some parts of your personality which need fine-tuning. We’re not saying that you need to change who you are, just be the best person that you can be.

Talent recruitment services such as Big Wave Digital aren’t just looking for the most skilled people, they need those that are as passionate as they are capable. It isn’t enough that you bring an admirable CV to the table, you need to prove that you have what it takes to be part of a new family.

Here are three of best pieces of advice one could read before going into a job interview.

Do Some Research

Before you even get to the interview, it is important that you do some reading on the company that you wish to work for. While you may have a general idea of the services they offer and what your job will entail, there are other factors you need to read up on.

Each company will have its own culture and ethos, and you can easily find out if your personality will be congruent with such a climate. Remember that it isn’t just the skills and experience that you will be bringing to the table, but your qualities as a person too.

It also never hurts to find out more information about the actual person that will be interviewing you, so checking out their Facebook or Twitter accounts to learn more information about them is a plus.

Manners and Etiquette

How you present yourself to your prospective employers is a huge indicator to them as to whether you will be a suitable employee or not. Remember to always be as cordial and polite as possible, not just to the board of interviewers, but to every person that you encounter on your way from the entrance of the building to your destination.

Obviously arrogance or impolite gestures will repulse your interviewers, and a certain level of bravado is also quite unattractive. Just be yourself! Stay calm, and maintain eye contact with your interviewers.

Confidence is key, but don’t become too vigorous, as potential employers may become curious as to what faults you may be hiding by being overzealous. Sincerity and honesty will always leave an impressive mark.

Ask the Right Questions

One of the most pertinent things that interviewers look for in a potential candidate is their willingness to learn, and if their inquisitiveness is in line with the new skills and knowledge they will be learning on the job.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions for the sake of clarity, it shows interviewers that you are genuinely invested in the interview process, and are eager to do your best, equipped with the most pertinent information.

Certain relevant questions will greatly impress interviewers if they can see that they are based on external research you did on the company.

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