Social Media is causing a rise in Plastic Surgery Amongst Millennials

Today’s generation of millennials are a very vane one – that is no mystery. Countless youths spend hours a day posing for selfies, obsessively getting angles and lighting perfect to bring out the most attractive features in their visages, before spending a good amount of time editing out imperfections and boosting the qualities they appreciate in themselves.

At any given moment, you can spend an endless amount of time on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media services, checking out all of the glamorous internet celebrities and their meticulously developed personas: both physical and social.

What many may have not considered, however, is how such self-obsessed scrutiny and documentation can lead to a phenomenal rise in plastic surgery. While many may think that such people are extremely vane – flaunting themselves constantly on such a widespread medium – the opposite is often true.

The constantly manifesting standards of beauty lead such icons to continually struggle with their own self-images, causing much self-loathing if they do not appear to match such ideals. The most convenient and effective method of keeping up with such standards is, of course, through plastic surgery.

While filters and other clever editing flairs – not to mention the various padding and stuffing tricks used to augment sexualised body parts – are indeed effective for continuing the illusion of an Instagram persona, nothing beats actually having the features you pretend to have.

Let us now turn our attention to some of the most popular cosmetic trends with Millennials, listed in descending popularity.

Breast Augmentation

No matter which modern generation you consider, a need for perfected bosoms will always be one of the most sought after ideals. Symmetry is a current standard of beauty, both in the face and body, which is why a large number of breast augmentation procedures are done to create a perfect balance in the chest area.

Then, of course, there are breast enlargement techniques. Nothing attracts likes and follows like a large, shapely pair of breasts. As breast augmentation has improved so much, breasts can now be enlarged while still retaining their organic and natural look and feel. It is, indeed, difficult to tell the difference between real and fake mammary glands these days.


The removal of undesirable body fat has become a massive craze among those that wish to be authorities in what it means to have a perfect body. Millennials are one of the biggest customer bases for liposuction, and 2016 saw well over one hundred thousand procedures performed on Millennials.

Nose Surgery

The slim and cute nose is a must have for Millennials, the rhinoplasty being the third-most popular procedure for the social media crazy generation. We are now seeing close to a hundred thousand rhinoplasties performed on this group per year.

Breast Reduction

Bigger isn’t always better, and besides having a more modest and streamlined body, constantly heaving large breasts around really takes a toll on any person. Such procedures can also greatly help in attaining more shapely and symmetrical breasts.

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