Your Holiday Fashion Guide: 6 Tips to Perk Up your Holiday Clothes

Now that the holidays are coming, dressing up for the occasion means that you are in tune with the festivity going on around you.  Knowing what to wear is one definite way to express your readiness and excitement for the holidays, but this can be tricky, especially when you have no knowledge about the sartorial styles of the holidays. However, there’s no need to fret since these 6 fashion tips can surely perk up your holiday getup: 

Tip #1: Statement Coats

Chances are it’s going to be freezing outside, so one effective way to ease yourself is by wearing a coat. Not only is this efficient, but it’s also seasonal so you wouldn’t be out of place. However, if you want to stand out, using statement outwear is a great idea. You can use fancy coats that have intricate embroidery or plush furs on the collar area. Plus, enhance your overall look with a stunning brooch or glimmering belt for a glamorous look.

Tip #2: Glittery Pieces

Incorporating glitters into your overall look is a great idea during the holidays, but never exaggerate it. You can try on women’s bootsthat have a glitter accent on them or opt for a sparkling hair ornament to spice up your look. Two pieces of glittery items will do.

Tip #3: Seasonal Colors

While black is a safe color all year round, exploring other color schemes will make you appear livelier and more in harmony with the holidays. If it’s Halloween season, choose colors like gold, purple, emerald green, and the like. When it’s Christmas, colors like red, green, white, and gold are really classy and timely. Don’t just focus on your tops. You can also apply these colors to your shoes.

Tip #4: Statement Jewelry

Trinkets like bangles, rings, and necklaces are a nice addition to bring in more festivity in your look. Don’t be afraid to explore different types of jewelry pieces. The key is to choose the ones that are eye-catching. However, once you focus on jewelry, keep in mind to lighten up your attire. Our aim is to look festive and not overstated.

Tip #5: Bold Makeup

Makeup plays an important role when you want to enhance your seasonal look. During such holidays, a bold take on makeup is great. While this is not ideal for your everyday look, bold makeup colors are amazing with holiday getups and are in fact encouraged by a lot of clothing experts.

Tip #6: Daring Layers and Textures

Aside from wearing clothes with typical textures, try broadening your fabric choice at the start of the holiday season. Pick leather coats, fur scarves, and intricate gloves.

We all have our own clothing styles, but there is no harm in applying these tips to look more festive. If you want to be ready for the upcoming holiday season, use this easy guide to significantly boost your total appearance.

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