eCommerce Web Design: Marketing Considerations to Keep in Mind

Web development and web design are often used interchangeably to refer to the process of crafting website. They cover many content productions, graphic design, and webpage layout.

Designing an eCommerce website is not a simple process. In a project like this, several things should be taken into consideration, including performance and user experience.Visitors to a website will move away from the site if it takes too long to load and/or if the layout or the content is not user-friendly and attractive. Thus, web developers should consider these eCommerce marketing tips when creating a website.

Marketing considerations for e-commerce website development

  • Responsive design

Statistics reveal that a significant percentage of people use mobile phones to access websites. In addition, a number of e-commerce sales are made through mobile phone devices. Thus, e-commerce websites should be mobile-friendly and have optimized user experience. A responsive design is necessary to ensure that the site is not only usable but also accessible.

  • Site search is necessary

Many visitors to an eCommerce site also prefer to use a search tab to find goods and services. When developing a website, the developer should ensure that the search function is not only available but also easy to use. Availability of features such as auto-complete will help buyers quickly get the links for the products they are looking for.

Faceted search is another essential functionality. It enables users to narrow down their searches in different ways. You can categorize your product list according to size, manufacturer, price range, and department. Every well-designed eCommerce website needs to have this functionality to enable the users to find products according to their preferences.

  • Optimize site performance

Statistics reveal that users are likely to abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load. If you have a slow website, consider working on its loading speed. Otherwise, you may lose customers. Good websites are generally optimized to make sure that they run quickly and smoothly.

  • Filtering system

If your business has around 25 different goods or variations, you will definitely require a filtering system. The filtering system helps the user to slim down their search to what s/he is looking for. Every e-commerce website needs to have this function for it to become user-friendly.

  • High-quality product photography

This is actually one of the factors that make an apple website stand out. Clear and concise pictures can improve the general look of your website. Images can influence the buyer’s emotions and thoughts, hence activating impulse buying behavior. Moreover, people will want to share your website on platforms like Facebook and Twitter if it has attractive pictures.

Final Thoughts

Marketing considerations discussed above can be helpful to you especially if you are planning to build an eCommerce website. If you really want to increase your online sales and provide the right experience for your users, consider creating a more responsive design complete with a search tab and filtering system. Don’t forget to optimize site performance to prevent lags and include good images.

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