Digital Marketing – Targeting a Modern Audience

Digital marketing has been around for almost as long as the technology it uses. It has, however, getting significantly harder to capture the attention of your target audience. The reasons for this are, quite simply, that the audience you’re marketing to is constantly bombarded with advertising, the average person seeing more than 300 per day, not including brand exposure. For this reason, businesses and marketing companies are constantly adapting and introducing new strategies. Part of this is recognizing human nature and marketing accordingly. Here are a few traits that are evident in a modern audience and how to market to them.

Instant Gratification

You want it, you want it now, you don’t want to have to go out of your way to get it. This is a common attitude, particularly among a younger 21st-century audience. There are several ways to appeal to this in a marketing strategy: faster load times, easy access through smartphones, being the first result users see in a search. For load times, make sure your website, app, ads, and any other content loads quickly, as people lose interest easily.

Being the first result users see in a search engine is no mean feat, but it will definitely bring more traffic to your website. Two of the best ways to achieve this are Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. SEM, though effective in that it will mean your site is the top result, will likely take a chunk out of your marketing budget, so is more suited to large enterprises than small business. SEO (a branch of SEM), on the other hand, works for all businesses, large or small. The aim of SEO is the increase you “natural” or earned results in a search engine and increase traffic to your site.

Easy access to a smartphone is a great asset. This includes making your site mobile friendly or having a separate mobile version so that users can browse easily. Another option worth considering is a mobile app. From ordering pizza and buying clothes to banking and medical aid claims, people are more likely to use a business that offers a smartphone app. An app means your customers have your business in the palm of their hand.

Social Media

The pressure to be constantly connected is everywhere, particularly for younger generations. The average person now spends about five hours a day on social media, so market where your audience is. Developing a social media presence not only makes you more relatable to your clients but will also keep your brand fresh in consumers’ minds.

One great social media marketing strategy is viral marketing. This type of ad, designed to be entertaining and highly popular, will generally market itself, as it is shared and re-shared across multiple social media platforms.

Adapting your marketing campaign to suit a modern world and modern audience will make it far more effective. The world around us is constantly changing, so our marketing strategies have to follow suit.

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