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General Guidelines

Do’s and don’ts

  1. The argument should be made clearly and concisely.
  2. Articles should not be or contain rants against an individual or an organisation; issues should be addressed and critiqued. Articles should refrain from ad hominems – focus on the argument, not the person!
  3. Check grammar and spelling before submission. An article riddled with errors is just more work for our copy editors
  4. Data and quotes must be cited. No article based on unsubstantiated source material will be published. If the source is private, mentioning it should be reconsidered.
  5. If you can keep it short please do so! Article should not be less than 800 words.


  1. To the extent possible send us plain-text drafts. Submissions in word file only.
  2. Use English language.
  3. Single indent all quotations that are longer than 3 lines.
  4. While quoting from a source, identify the source in clear terms and also provide a hyperlink if the source is available online.
  5. All abbreviations – including the common ones must be expanded at its first occurrence.
  6. We accept Images can be in jpeg and png. Images must not be copyright restricted.
  7. Provide a caption for all the tables and images used in the article.

What Kind Of Articles We Are Looking For?

You can write on any topic related to Politics, Business, SEO, Social media. For example, you can write on topics related to Instagram (products on Instagram, Instagram marketing), Using To Drive Sales etc.

You can also read our article that you can see at our site home page.

Few Rules Of Writing.

  • The article must be unique and not published anywhere (neither on the internet nor on any printed media). We Don’t accept any duplicate or we write content. That is, the article must be self written. And also, you won’t publish the article anywhere else once it is published on voiceofjournal.com
  • Grammatical as well as spelling mistakes must be avoided.
  • Write as it will be easier to understand.

How To Submit Your Article?

Drop a mail at admin@voiceofjournal.com

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